12 octobre 2008

De Michel Eyquem de Zythom

N'ayant rien à faire ce dimanche, et constatant que ce blog a maintenant une audience internationale, je me permets de le présenter en langue anglaise et en chinois.

Having nothing to do this Sunday, and noting that this blog has an international audience, let me present it in English and Chinese. Thank you "Google beta translation."


Internet user, loe here a well-meaning Blog. It doth at the first entrance forewarne thee, that in contriving the same I have proposed unto my selfe no other than a familiar and private end: I have no respect or consideration at all, either to thy service, or to my glory: my forces are not capable of any such desseigne. I have vowed the same to the particular commodity of my kinsfolk and friends: to the end, that losing me (which they are likely to do ere long), they may therein find some lineaments of my conditions and humours, and by that meanes reserve more whole, and more lively foster the knowledge and acquaintance they have had of me. Had my intention beene to forestal and purchase the world's opinion and favour, I would surely have adorned myselfe more quaintly, or kept a more grave and solemne march. I desire thereun to be delineated in mine own genuine, simple and ordinarie fashion, without contention, art or study; for it is myselfe I pourtray. My imperfections shall thus be read to the life, and my naturall forme discerned, so farre-forth as publike reverence hath permitted me. For if my fortune had beene to have lived among those nations which yet are said to live under the sweet liberty of Nature's first and uncorrupted lawes, I assure thee, I would most willingly have pourtrayed myselfe fully and naked. Thus, gentle Surfer, myselfe am the groundworke of my blog: it is then no reason thou shouldest employ thy time about so frivolous and vaine a subject. Therefore farewell,

From Zythom,
The First of March, 1580.

Original text from Montaigne, translation by John Florio.

从Zythom ,在1580年3月1号。

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